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Marketing Connections LLC, provides you all the digital marketing you need – your reputation, websitesocialsearch and more. All from one provider. All working together for one thing.  To help you connect with new and current customers.


We create beautiful Display Ads that are used on targeted web sites to drive potential customers to your web site.


We provide a process and system to help build, manage and promote your company reputation.


We create and publish compelling content to promote your business and connect with your customers.


We manage your email campaigns, landing pages and even live and recorded webinars to drive sales.

What We Do Best

Here are a few of the following services we provide to help your business connect with customers.

Display Ads
We manage pixel retargeting campaigns to display ads to your potential customers on other popular web sites and we track users who visit your web site.
Ad Design
Our agency creates beautiful ads that drive traffic.  We fully syndicate these ads to track their success.  Providing split testing and other services to optimize potential traffic.
Search Engine Optimization
We analyze your website to determine what elements are needed to be fully found by search engines.  We help to build long and short tail keword strategies that help search engines target your web site with the correct traffic.
Online Directory Lists
We monitor over 32 liststo ensure that they contain your correct business information.  This helps potential and repeat customers to find you online.
Social Media Posting
We create blog posts, videos, images and even animated gifs as content for your social media pages.  If you don’t already have those account we can set them up and manage them for you.
Video Production
Have you tried to create YouTube videos yet.  It takes time and cost money to create quality content.  We have a production studio that produces videos to promote your products and services, promote your reputation and even promote your employee reviews.

Work with a Team of Talented Design Gladiators

Our talented team of designers, producers and programmers work hard to maximize your business.  Our number one goal is to create the products and processes that help you connect with your customers.

Fun Facts

The following are some statistics that you need to know about your potential customers.


Consumers age 18 - 34 read online reviews to judge a local business

Number of reviews a consumer will look at before making a decision.

YouTube videos viewed daily


Web site visitors that come from sources other than Facebook.

Let’s Work Together

Click the button below to be taken to a page to get an analysis of your business presense online.  The information you provide will allow us to contact you to discuss how we might help.